Keywords: Finding the Right Ones to Open Opportunities

If you’re going to go through the trouble of writing an article, you want people to read it, right? Of course! You don’t just want any people to read it either, you want people in your target audience to notice the article and read it.

By using keywords that your target audience is searching for, your article is much more likely to show up in their searches and grab their attention. But how do you pick the right ones?

Look for phrases that are concise and related to the content of your press release. They can be 2-4 words long, any shorter and they will be too generic to stand out in search results. If you find that only one word seems to stand out as your main point, add modifier words such as cheap, best or a location to further target your phrase and decrease competition.

Use a Keyword tool: There are tons of websites that offer these tools, such as Google’s keyword tool, WordTracker or WordStream. If you want to know what questions people have relating to a topic, I like this questions keyword tool.

These show what people are currently searching for; what words are already drawing people in. Brainstorm general words about your news or product, then put these terms into the keyword tool. It will give you more ideas for related phrases, that you can sort through to find those most related to your business.

Google Analytics. This program or a similar one when installed on your site will show you what terms people are using to find your site already. Words that pull in the best results will be your best bet for inclusion in future press releases.

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