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Should Homeschooling Teens Start an Online Business?

More and more homeschooling parents are finding that it can be expensive having a college student.  We have taught our teens to be independent thinkers and should encourage them to find creative ways to help cover the expenses.

One great alternative that beats flipping burgers is to start an online business.  They have the advantage.  Today’s teens have grown up in a technology world.  They spend so much of their time online, why not turn that time into money that will help pay for their college?

I know some teens as young as 13 who have successfully started their own business and have a comfortable income before they graduate.  Some of these teens may never get a “real” job.  Instead of “job hunting” when they get out of college they will be looking for the next opportunity or investment.

Let’s face it.  In today’s world, job loyalty is not rewarded.  There is no such thing as “job security”.  Why should we be teaching our homeschooling teens to follow the old “American Dream”?

There are many benefits for homeschooling parent to teach their teens how to becoming an entrepreneur:

  • It is expensive to pursue an education- a full time class schedule AND a full time job is hard to balance.
  • Students will have more time to study and excel in their classes.
  • After the initial time investment, there is very little time involved in working online.
  • Earning residual income can give students the ability to choose their own hours and work only when they want to work.

Young people are incredibly computer-savvy.

They know how to network, how to create blogs and create a viral atmosphere; all things that can be very useful for an online business.

It is a productive way to put these skills to use.

They can incorporate all areas of their school curriculum as they build their business: Math, Writing, Speech, Presentation, Design, Advertising, Social Media, etc…

The opportunities are vast and far reaching.  And by building a business that will work for them even when they are not.  They will be able to head off to college with a steady income.

Even if they never become vastly successful another great benefit is how they will develop skills for the “Real World”.  They will learn many skills that can help land them a great job and will graduate with hands on experience.  They will add real value to the company for which they work.  Education plays an important role, but experience is vital.

By starting an online business what kind of experience can homeschooling teens develop?

They will need to learn a great deal about online marketing. Online marketing is something that just about every business is pursuing.  Running a successful online business will add tremendous credibility to a resume or transcript.

Networking is another crucial skill that has applications in just about every career. Working online can help teens really develop some professional networking skills.

Writing also plays a part in an online business: this includes articles, web pages, and ad copy.  An online business will allow a student to enhance their writing skills in a way that will benefit them no matter what they decide to pursue after graduation, whether it be college or their own independent education.

And the feedback comes from the real world. An online business for homeschooling teens can open up all sorts of new doors.

NO college course will give you the hands on experience that building a real online business will. And since the incomes can be rather high and the initial output minimal, our creative, independent thinking homeschooling teen entrepreneurs can raise their own capital to get the business off the ground.

So what is a good opportunity for a young person?

There are many great business ideas for teens, but the best is to find what you are passionate about and find your niche there.  This is a great way to keep young people interested and involved. They will never lose their interest or get board because they were the ones who chose the concept of the site.

I have seen profitable sites on just about every topic: from sports, to dating, to travel, and a wide variety of other hobbies that have been successfully turned into profitable net-businesses.

For more information about how to become an entrepreneur and start a fun and exciting online web-business join Teen Biz Talk. And remember, you are never too young to start a business, and it can be a great way to further prepare yourself for a lifetime of success and financial freedom.

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  1. Starting a business is a great way for a student to learn entrepreneurial skills that are generally not taught in high school or even a home study environment.

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