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Should Homeschooling Teens Start an Online Business?

More and more homeschooling parents are finding that it can be expensive having a college student.  We have taught our teens to be independent thinkers and should encourage them to find creative ways to help cover the expenses.

One great alternative that beats flipping burgers is to start an online business.  They have the advantage.  Today’s teens have grown up in a technology world.  They spend so much of their time online, why not turn that time into money that will help pay for their college? [Read more…]

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Blogging for Money


Something that nearly all teens love to do is share their opinions. They just can’t seem to help themselves and it doesn’t matter if it’s through talking or writing. The important part is just getting their words out there where others will receive them.

It is this reason that blogging can be one of the perfect ways for teens to begin their own businesses. Blogs are so popular right now that, when operated in the right way, they can bring in money. As teens tend to be passionate about what they believe, it will be easy for them to keep up their blogs and tend to them on a daily basis. [Read more…]

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Business Communication: A fine art or a science?

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One of the things that will take you far in the world of running your own business is being able to effectively communicate with your clients or customers. This is something that is vital to the success of your business, whether you are a teen business entrepreneur or an adult. If you cannot talk with your clients or customers in a way that they can comprehend, you may as well do some sort of desk job that doesn’t require you to have to speak with people.

The best way to start learning to effectively communicate is through people you meet in everyday life. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know very well, or even with a stranger. This helps build your confidence level of talking to all different types of people. You will start to become more comfortable with your speaking and conversational skills. This is something you will carry with you the rest of your life. [Read more…]

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Christian Blogging for Business


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Blogging is an important tool for any business these days.  Blogging has taken the world by storm and has truly proved to be a smart business tool to help grow your business and help you to connect with your target market as well.

As a Christian business owner you should embrace the opportunity to connect with your prospective and current customers.  Many times a personal connection can be just the trick to convert a potential customer into a current customer and blogging can give you that advantage over others.

A blog is easy to set up and to use.  It can integrate with your current website to give you a place to communicate and connect with those who visit your website. Or you can create a new website using a blog platform.  You can make the blog as personal or as professional as you want.  But remember part of blogging is the opportunity to connect and if you’re all about business then you most likely won’t establish much of a connection. [Read more…]

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