Make Money As A Party Planner

You can also have a Crepe birthday party

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Many parents are working longer hours and have fewer hours at home these days. When it comes time to plan their children’s birthday parties or other events, they want help. This is where you come in. If you love to plan parties down to the last detail, this idea is perfect for you.

As a teenager you already know what your peers enjoy and like at parties, you remember your childhood and perhaps even have a younger sibling or niece or nephew that enjoys specific things. Armed with this information, you’re the perfect party planner. [Read more…]

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Let People Care

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When teens decide that they want to have their very own business there are many things that need to be discussed. Parents or adult guardians need to be fully involved in this entire process from the origin of the idea to the time it is put into action. This is the way to keep things in order and not let them get out of hand in any fashion.

Depending on what sort of business venture that is being entered into, there may be a need for adult permission to even have this business. That is a huge reason to have an adult involved in your business, if you are a teenager. The support and encouragement can provide a heavy boost in letting you know that you have someone believing in you and your efforts. [Read more…]

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Working in the Great Outdoors

Push Mower

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With the advent of spring and warmer weather, if you are a teenager who enjoys getting outside and creating beautiful things from nature and the earth, this is the perfect time to begin a landscaping business. This is as simple as beginning a lawn care service. Grass grows fast this time of year and people are too busy to get out and mow the lawn. That’s where you come in.

Print up some flyers and a business cards right from your home computer. Leave them around town in places such as the post office, grocery store, and garden supply store. Have your lawnmower and other lawn tools in perfect repair so when the calls start coming in, you’ll be ready to go. It also is helpful to personally visit some homes that have a yard in need of beautifying. [Read more…]

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Putting Your Writing Skills to Work

Writing sample: Lamy Vista

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If you have been told that you are quite talented when it comes to putting words on paper and making them come to life, you may want to consider a career in writing. Now, this is not the kind of writing you may be thinking, such as published best selling books, although, that can certainly come later if you wish. This kind of writing is something that can get you started while making money for you at the same time.

You have seen the content on web pages as you surf the Internet. This content has to be written by someone, and most of the time, the owners of these websites are not the writers. They typically hire someone to write the content that appears on their websites. This may, or may not, include the use of certain keywords that are to be used in these articles. It may also just be straight forward writing of the informational variety. However it is done, all you have to do is use your talent of writing to make that webpage come to life. [Read more…]

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The Art of Money Management

Money Bag in Blue

Learning to manage money is a skill that everyone should have, from teenagers to adults. However, this is one of the more important things that teenagers need to grasp quite early when they are trying to start, and run, their own businesses.  Poor money management has sunk many a promising ship, and it’s something that you definitely don’t want to happen to you.

Before deciding to jump in head first with a business idea, look at all the costs involved. The start up costs should be weighed carefully against the amount of money that’s available to you initially. Never try to live above your means, especially in the beginning. If you commit to a business that requires more money to start than you have access to, you’re finished before you ever begin. This is your first lesson in acquiring money management skills. [Read more…]

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Don’t Be Too Proud

Some Good Rules to Live By

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One of the most difficult things to do, it seems, is to ask for help when you need it. This may be especially true if you are a teenager who is running a business from home. You most likely had to beg your parents to let you do this, and you probably had to prove to them that you could handle the responsibility. So, it is little wonder that if you get in a tight spot and need some help to get out of it that you are very hesitant to ask.

Before you panic, stop and take a deep breath. Figure out just what caused the dilemma you find yourself in now and see if you can come up with a few solutions to the problem on your own. If you just don’t see a way out, it’s time to ask someone for advice or guidance. [Read more…]

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A Different Sort of Decorating Business

My christmas-decorated window

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Something that older people and busy people need is a service that will do their holiday decorating for them. This can include such things as putting up outside holiday lights, decorating a tree, and assembling a lawn setting. The truly unique aspect of this business is that a package can be organized that includes both decorating and the taking down of the decorations once the holiday has passed.

Depending on how much decorating is involved, different prices will need to be set according to how much time it will take to do it. Other things taken into account will be transportation as well as any tools you will need to have on hand. Unless you are asked to purchase any decorations, the customers will have what they need and want put up when you arrive. The over head of the business is practically nothing. [Read more…]

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Create Custom Letters: Fun Teen Business

Letter from Santa

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A home business for teens that fits in beautifully with their already loaded schedules is creative custom letter writing. Granted, the teen who takes this one on does need to have an interest in creating these letters or it won’t work. But for the teens who enjoy something like this, it’s a perfect way to get their feet wet in running their own home business.

Creative letter writing has become quite popular during the last few years. This is basically writing customized letters to children for their birthdays, from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or for any other event that children like to celebrate. These letters can make the entire event that much more special to them. These letters are written on stationary that is event appropriately decorated and mailed to the child.

Parents, grandparents, or other relatives and close friends order these letters for the special children in their lives. [Read more…]

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The Trash STILL Has to Be Taken Out


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A situation that may arise at your home when you have a teen entrepreneur is that once said teen is invested in his or her own home business, there will not be time to do the routine and mundane chores that keep a house in working order. Little things like cleaning their room, taking out the trash, loading the dishwasher, and cleaning their bathroom may all just go by the wayside. Your teen may have entered the working world with a bang but now your house looks and smells like it’s been invaded by the Swamp Monster.

It’s totally understandable that your teen may be fully caught up in this new business venture, particularly if it’s the first time he or she has tried anything quite like this. You can be patient for short period of time to allow for adjustment. However, if it starts to seem as if you have suddenly become not only the chief cook and bottle washer but the ONLY one, it’s time to sit down and have a chat. [Read more…]

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Virtual Business Misconceptions

Starting Your Own Business

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There are so many reasons that teens may get the idea to start their very own businesses. At times, these reasons are not exactly the right ones. There are also several misconceptions when it comes to Virtual Professions. Following are a few of these.

  • You want to get rich over night. Well, sadly this is just not going to happen for you no matter what you may have seen in the movies. Admittedly, there ARE a handful of businesses that became profitable rather quickly but these are the rarity and not the norm. In fact, if you make it through your first year with even a slight profit, you can consider your business a success.
  • A lot of money is needed to start your own business. Yes, many Virtual businesses require quite a bit of money to start. On the other hand, there are just as many home businesses that can be started for little to no financial outlay.  It truly depends on what sort of business you want to get off the ground. [Read more…]
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